10 Bad Ideas To Decorate Your Room

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Most people practically live in our rooms, so we often do not take into account the large stack of magazines or the layer of dust in the chimney. When I finally noticed the worn couch, made a trip to the furniture store and bought some furniture good, nice and cheap, which is interest free? Unfortunately, none of this helps the room look more comfortable and beautiful.

Decorate Your Room idea

Well worth a good plan when decorating your living room. If you want to avoid unpleasant living room, then avoid these 10 bad ideas to decorate your room:

  1. Paint soon
    This is the main mistake we make when decorating a living room. The painting must be one of the last things we need to consider. The furniture should go first, since this way we can find the perfect painting to match.
  2. Choose uncomfortable furniture
    In a furniture store, most choose what looks best. Consider how that couch or chair that look while sitting on it for the next 10 years. Armless Sofas and chairs are stylish leather may be divine, but are not as comfortable to rest on them.
  3. Disparaging accessories
    The disorder does not count as decoration. If your coffee table is covered with magazines is the time to reassess the accessories you have. And do not forget to look up! The walls and ceilings can be great places for decoration.
  4. Do not remove anything
    When something new comes, you have to remove something old. If something does not work or is not used, it is good to sell or donate. The cleaning process is a weekly, if not daily.
  5. Being conformist
    When you need a rug, a vase or a couch, go to the nearest store, and you can get all that practical. But have you thought that accessory will look like within the next five years?. To get the best, it is always advisable to wait a little longer.
  6. Not considering the size
    Furniture too large for a room, artwork very small, a small rug in the center of the living room. These are the most common mistakes in living rooms around the world. Not only because it looks good in a showroom, has it meant it will look good in your room.
  7. Push all the furniture against the wall
    I know it is very tempting to do so, but the decorators know to push the furniture against the wall can make a small room look smaller still. If you have enough space using your furniture and accessories to create living spaces instead of a large space.
  8. Create a sanctuary for TV
    We all love our TVs, but avoid turning your living room into a theater. You should cultivate the art of conversation by placing the furniture in your living room for other activities besides television.
  9. Not considering the growth of the family
    The sofa design is very elegant in your living room, and cream wool rug can be even better, but if you think about children or pets, consider not so delicate accessories.
  10. Ignore the wear
    It takes effort to notice the wear of our sofas, and we see our living room every day and we used to use. It must make an assessment once a year to see if a replacement is necessary or renewal of furniture, walls and floors.


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