10 Tips to Keep Bathroom Clean and Tidy

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Tips to Keep Bathroom Clean and Tidy  – it is one of the most used rooms in the house, so it can easily become messy and dirty. To make it easier to put things in order in your bathroom, it is important to start with a blank space where you will be working. Here are some useful tips on how to clean up in the bathroom.

Tips to Keep Bathroom Clean

Five useful tips on how to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom:

  1. Start with shelves and forced by cleaning surfaces around the sink, wiping cleanser. Very easy to maintain clean water tap with an old toothbrush, which can also be perfectly used for liquid solutions for hard to reach areas toilet. Just remember to keep your toothbrush to clean away from the “real”!
  2. Next – toilet. Apply the cleaner to the toilet so that it dissolved, while you work with other areas of the room. Remove all items from the tank, clean it, do not forget about the handle and hinges under the seat, where the ceremony can be collected hair, dirt and dust. Wipe the outside of the cover, as well as the top and bottom of the seat. Wipe the bowl and around the base, where it is fastened to the floor, and what is often forgotten.
  3. If in your bath or shower soap many divorces, apply spray, when you start to get out of the room in order to save time. Use a soft sponge to completely remove residues. Do not forget the taps, soap and bath curtains.
  4. Use a broom or dry mop, or maybe even a vacuum cleaner to collect all the dust and hair that has accumulated on the floor, not forgetting to clean the inside of the cabinet.
  5. Now you need to take a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent, wipe the floor and let it dry. For best results, brush again after floor is dry to remove any hair or debris that could fall.

Five useful tips on how to clean up in the bathroom:

  1. Take a cheap, plastic bag, hang it on the back of the door or inside a cabinet with multiple pockets with folded towels and a cleaning cloth.
  2. Keep the boxes in order. Hair dryers and curling irons can be hung on hooks on the walls or doors to save space in drawers or shelves.
  3. The extra rolls of toilet paper, you can keep on top of the toilet or on the holder of the paper in the cabinet or next to the toilet.
  4. If the space has a value, then you can use a thin vertical drawers or shelves that can come to any space and are well suited for storing toilet paper, shampoo, soap and towels.
  5. If your bathroom or closet in it large enough, use more than one basket for dirty clothes to keep separate dark and light, to save time on the day of washing.


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