8 Countertops for White Kitchen Cabinets


Countertops for white kitchen cabinets can be from a lot of materials, such a stainless steel, wood and granite or marble. Here we show you to decorate a kitchen with countertops for white kitchen cabinets. If you love to choose white kitchen cabinets, you just to avoid a white color for your countertops.

Talks about countertops material, here we will expound about the material.

1. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have 4 way to finishing, brushed, polished, sandblasted, and flamed. India, Norway Italy and United states is some of granite producing countries. Granite is recyclable, durable, hard, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. But granite also heavy and expensive.

granite countertops white kitchen cabinet

2. Concrete Countertops

One part cement to three parts sand are general-purpose mortar mixing to make a Concrete countertops. Concrete countertops can have any color added to them to avoid the appearance of a sidewalk, and must be sealed to make them non-porous and heat- and- stain- resistant. the good thing from concrete is heat-resistant; very durable if sealed; shapes, edge details, and texture can be fully customized. Also have a minus things such must be sealed to protect it from stains, water and heat damage, and bacterial growth, and can be expensive depending on the level of customization required.

concrete countertops white kitchen cabinet

3. Butcher Block Countertops

The butcher block countertops is warm look and feel, durable and anti-bacterial. Common Woods Used for butcher block countertops  are hardwoods like cherry, oak, maple,  zebrawood, walnut, bamboo, or a mix of 3+ of these woods together.

butcher block countertops white kitchen cabinet

4. Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone can be installed easily because it is DIY-friendly, with natural grey color and the best countertops for pastries making but need a regularly maintenance to keep it beautiful.

 soapstone countertops white kitchen cabinet

5. Marble Countertops

Marble is an easy-cleaning and hard-wearing countertops material. Marble is timeless beauty material for kitchen cabinet countertops but marble is easy to scratch and staining, need extra attention for care this material.

marble countertops white kitchen cabinet

6. Lava Stone Countertops

Highly resistant to stains, scratches, shock, and temperature changes lava stone can be one of your favorite kitchen cabinet countertops. Also with other reason such low maintenance; durable; each slab is completely unique; available in a wide variety of colors.

lava stone countertops white kitchen cabinet

7. Synthetic Solid Surface Countertops

most often contain of acrylic synthetic solid surface countertops is absolutely man-made materials, this material is non-recyclable. This countertops is easy to buff out scratches, germ-resistant and made to imitate expensive material like granite and marble and vulnerable of heat and scratches.

syntetic solid surface countertops white kitchen cabinet

8. Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel is made of a metal alloy with a chromium content around 10 percent and 100% recyclable. This material can show up easily a fingerprint smudges but easy to disinfect and clean also.

 stainless steel countertops white kitchen cabinet

If you love the look of marble but worry about staining, there are certain kinds of granite that mimic the beautiful gray-blue veining of marble. Like other natural stones, granite is strong and heat-resistant, but it's often one of the more expensive countertop options.

Still confused about deciding on one type of counter-top white kitchen cabinet? Mix-and-match countertops are an emerging trend. Put butcher block on the island and marble everywhere else or white granite on the exterior countertops and dark granite on the island.

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