9 Great Kids Bedroom Wall Painting Color

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blue wall paint kids bedroom design picture

9 Great Kids Bedroom Wall Painting Color - There is no other place to express your personality and imagination of children in addition to their bedroom. And sometimes, a beautiful dream also can be caused by right colors choosing and a bit of creativity on the walls. We suggest you to use more than one color of wall paint colors kids’ bedroom so that the atmosphere is comfortable, clean and able to make the children sleep soundly. Encourage your child to talk about their favorite color, because the color you like is not necessarily the same as the color favored by your baby.

pink wall paint kids bedroom design picture

Choosing right wall paint color for your kids’ bedroom also can increase the mood and spirit of your kids. Here we have some of wall paint color option for your kids’ bedroom; maybe you can choose and apply one of these colors for your kids’ bedroom wall painting.

light blue wall paint kids bedroom design pictureGreen

Add a touch of nature in your kid's bedroom with green wall paint. This includes neutral colors and is very easy to be combined and match with other colors. Use of green as a primary or secondary color in the bedroom color scheme is very good because it can help children sleep soundly at night.


You can use blue as a primary color accents on the secondary or room boy or a girl. I like to use blue to highlight areas of study, work, or bedroom is equipped with a blue carpet.


Brown color can be used in any room, especially in a large room as an accent or secondary color in the bedroom. To break up the monotony of the color impression, we suggest that mixing-madankan brown color with bright colors such as green, white, or pink.


In terms of feng shui, the color purple is associated with the element of water also areas of life and abundance of wealth. A color pair of purple and green is to suggest that the abundance and growth. Or, you can make the contrast with the yellow tones to highlight a particular area of the room.

Whitewhite wall paint kids bedroom design picture

White color can help make a room seem larger and is great for use in smaller spaces. But when you want to match it with another color you have to be careful to avoid the space looks sterile or harsh. White color is recommended as a secondary or accent color only.


Pink is not just for girls. The color is very nice and bright so it can work as a base color for your child's bedroom. To get a light touch, use this color as a secondary color or accent. Match with a green and white or brown will make it look beautiful.


This color can give you a sense of peace and quiet, especially when mixed with blue and green (or known as turquoise). You may apply singly or paired turquoise with pink, brown, blue, or white. This color is also good to use as a color transition, as will be seen in a more sophisticated color palette, not as a primary color.

cute and sweet wall paint kids bedroom design picture


If your child does not like the colors that are too bright, such as white, gray add to give the impression of cold. Gray color is one of the best neutral secondary color. To make the room look more elegant, apply with color pop or metal furniture.colorful wall paint kids bedroom design picture


This color is very strong, bright, and perfect. Try matching with white bed. The result, wow!. This color can also be paired with other colors, such as blue, green, purple, or even brown.

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