Amazing Home Design Ideas With A Brazilian Touch

Architectural home design was built on 800 square meters with a design and decoration using stunning colors. The distinctive feature of Brazilian architecture is the idea of ​​home design in yellow and looks amazing. The living room became one of the best places to observe the impact of the bright colors of the architecture of this house. There are some interesting cute cat ornament is placed on a large white shelf. The architecture of this house is also designed specifically with plenty of living space inside.

Amazing Home Design Ideas With A Brazilian

The living room is furnished with beautiful ornaments with comfortable sofas and sleek yellow cushions. There is also a solid white shelves and wooden racks that use the color pink does look very alluring. There is a pink round table that enhance living room décor. There are also some other furniture in the living room, including a coffee table, wall paintings, and unique chairs.

The design looks so beautiful bedrooms with fitted white bedding and a soft blanket. There is a touch of pink and purple to support a feminine touch to the bedroom decor. There are also some other furniture such as chairs, desks, and bookshelves.

While in the kitchen in this house is designed in a bright white color with the aim to generate a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere while cooking. The kitchen also gets a contemporary twist by using modern kitchen furniture and some other cooking.

There are ornaments that are inspired by the flag of Brazil, it is to highlight the atmosphere of the Brazilian real. The use of strong colors of the flag of the draw, Brazil reinforced the personality of the design of this house. The architecture of this house is not very modern and perfect.

The use of ornaments and wooden furniture, the more completely support this architecture with the natural sensation. The presence of black and white carpet in the interior of the house also helps evoke a minimalist feel. All perfectly coordinated decor. Well, let’s see what the main style is displayed in the architecture design of this house!

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