Awesome & Inspiring Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Awesome & inspiring small bedroom design ideas - Make your small bedroom to be comfortable as well as to provide the desired functionality is quite difficult and tricky.

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This is because land is limited so requires that we limit the amount of furniture and items can be placed in it so that the room is not cramped and claustrophobic. Here is a collection of design inspiration for those who have a very small bedroom. Hope it helps!

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White color Gives Wide Impression

Using white color as the wall paint overall is a pretty smart design way to create the illusion of wider on your small bedroom. The colors are clean and bright like a very powerful white gives a feeling of space in the room. To make bedroom remains light and airy shades, do not use furniture’s with features that give the impression of weight as large wooden furniture with dark brown color. We recommend using soft furniture such as a table with no legs which is directly attached to the wall, a small metal chair without backrest, wall decorations and other tiny. Even the design of these rooms, book cabinets arranged without plain and simply arranged on the floor beside the bed. Uniquely the book stacks used as a small side table and putting a flower vase alarm clock. If you need a better wardrobe cupboard built up in the room directly into the wall thus saving the need for space-consuming closet.

white theme Small Bedroom Design picture

Create Illusion of Expansion Space Using Wallpaper

This spacious bedroom may be small. But with the illusion of wallpaper that resembles a large highway tunnel that led to this room feels stretched on until infinity. With creative ways like this can help you create a small room feel spacious. In addition to creative wallpaper, using the dominant white color and use the bookshelf on the wall without legs, is also able to create the impression of light in the room and minimizes the need for furniture with legs that can constrict space.

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Use Mirror to Give the Illusion in Small Spaces

To give the illusion of space seem more spacious or widespread, the use of a wall-sized mirror can be one of the smart alternative that is very telling. In this way the room looked twice as wide and capable of giving the occupants a feeling of space. Surely this is also supported by the use of white wall paint and furniture minimal with only consists of a double bed and two small tables beside the bed.

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Take advantage of a Minimum Gap Anything Maximum

In the room at the loft or ceiling of this house, causing the roof to be skewed and probably will make the room feel very stuffy if not made ​​2 large windows facing the sky. View of the sky can help you feel roomy as before bed, and sunlight also helps the room brighter and feels comfortable. Well, at the bottom of the window there are barriers that could actually be used to store a collection of books. This is the importance of looking at the opportunity to take advantage of the smallest gap in the corners of the room because it can help you reduce the amount of furniture needs.

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Apply Simple Lightweight Furniture’s

Application of a bit of furniture and of course that has very simple furniture is an absolute obligation to make your small room still feel spacious. The following minimalist Japanese-style rooms might be one of inspiration that you can emulate in your room effectively. Take a look at the mattress is just a simple double mattress sitting on the floor, with a window ledge as a small table that can be used to put a display like picture frames, clocks and table lamps. You can also make a side window as a seat by giving small pillows that make you comfortable. On this room, large windows along the walls are very helpful to give the impression of the bedroom because of the infinity of outer space. To protect privacy, there is a shade or curtain that you can ride down as you like.

japanese style Small Bedroom Design picture

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