10 Ways To Make Dining Room a Warm & Inviting


10 Ways To Make Dining Room a Warm & Inviting - One of the questions I hear most often: how to make the dining room more hospitable not only for large companies guests, but also for everyday use. Naturally, the need to focus on those rooms that we use every day, which means that the formal dining rooms often remain neglected. Perhaps you have chosen a suitable furniture for the dining room, but you do not have time to make room. Or, maybe you filled the room things that you like, but later realized that the chairs are uncomfortable or room is too crowded.

Dining Room a Warm & Inviting

Rethinking the color, shape, furniture, accessories and even the layout, you can create a warm and inviting dining room. These tips will help you.

  1. Soften a modern dining room furniture set with cozy carpet. Sleek modern elements look great at home when they are balanced with things made by hand, as this beautiful Moroccan rug. Huge and colorful picture of a terrarium filled room in a modern style personality.
  2. Paint the walls in vibrant colors to a large room seem warm. The huge dining room, may sound good, but these rooms are often cold. Brown walls make this rustic dining room with warm, rich color but also slightly reduces the room. Also, use a soft carpet, several layers of curtains.
  3. Place the sofa to create a sense of an English cottage. If really cozy look – something that you aspire to, upholstered furniture can help you achieve this. Use a chair at the end of a long table, with one hand, put a small stool or sofa. Make sure that the seat height is suitable table.
  4. Use sunny windowsill. If the dining room is filled with sunlight, you may want to use it not only for its intended purpose. Place on a window sill soft pillows, and in the dining room will be a reading corner.
  5. Or fake sun with cheerful yellow curtains. Solar curtains or cushions, and a little green nature would be allowed in the house, regardless of the weather outside.
  6. Add character with the cabinet filled with interesting things. Accessories will set the tone for the entire room, consider the mood you want to create. Position the subject slightly scattered. Use garlands, rocks, beautiful plates and much more.
  7. Change the plan room to dine by the fireplace. If you have a dining room, living room with open-plan, try to rearrange the table so that he was standing by the fireplace.
  8. Flaming shade will also help to fill the room with warmth. Paint the cupboard, closet or chairs in a fiery red.
  9. Relive room flat strips. Simple room can decorate strips of different colors.
  10. Use pinbord in an unexpected place. There is an unwritten rule that should be in the dining room or pinbord magnetic board with photographs. Guests will talk about.
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