Divine Single Room Apartment Design For Young Couples

There is an amazing single room apartment designed specifically for young couple located in Arad, Romania. Single room apartment has one bedroom with a spacious size. Permanent partition walls have also been removed to create the perfect interior decorations for this apartment. In addition, in the interior of the apartment there is also a contemporary and trendy furniture. All this makes the apartment look into elegant with a minimalist décor and beautiful wall colors, creating a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.

Single room apartment design has some interesting color in the interior. The living room decor with the concept of using natural atmosphere, with slender green combination with a comfortable cushion. The living room also has gray carpet and a wooden tea table with its center. There is also a sweet white chandelier that illuminates the interior of the living room.

This apartment has a bedroom was placed in front of the living room, using a large bookcase that serves as a partition. These apartments are designed with a minimalist style with comfortable beds. Bedroom furniture such as chairs using chartreuse. There is also a colorful rug to add color to the bedroom floor section. There is also a storage room with a unique design that is under the bed.

In addition to the living room, there is a contemporary kitchen and dining room are comfortable and stunning. There are also tables and shelves. The walls and the furniture is getting perfect by using the color white. In the bathroom using superb finishing touch with black color display. Designers also added this apartment kitchen window to create natural lighting to bring some sunshine into the kitchen. How, if you are tempted by decorating the apartment and tried to design this one bedroom apartment? Let’s look at the gallery of the divine single room apartment design for young couples in our gallery!

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