Eco Friendly Home Apartments And The Perfect Concept

Eco friendly home apartments in the global era is considered as the best apartment you can to make it as comfortable housing options. Currently we are trying to share the apartment with a stylish and modern design that is attractive and admirable Horcasitas The Apartment. The Horcasitas Apartment is made by DEN Architecture. DEN Architecture can innovate by creating a super modern apartment catching and beautiful. All the decor of the room perfectly arranged and equipped with several modern apartment ideas for furniture.

This home most of the apartments in the paint by using neutral colors of white and anthers with a combination of concrete, glass, metal, and wood. This apartment also has an interesting combination of furniture by using a modern and minimalist design theme. Furniture and interior design as a whole to reflect the look and simplicity of modern home decor is so perfect. The interior design of the apartments is designed so perfectly that provide a comfortable atmosphere.


In the living room there is a sofa brown color combination is so pretty with gentle brown carpet beneath. Modern kitchen with a small chocolate bar and modern furniture are also available to cook in the kitchen of this apartment home. There are red accents on the bar, as well as the modern white chairs and glass table facing a large glass window on the other side. Apartments home interior decoration is capable of producing the perfect and stylish appearance.


Decorating bedroom design using white as the main color. Walls using wood accents that make it look natural. This apartment designers seek to maximize the view outside and put a big glass window to enjoy the environment and facilitate the incoming sunlight. The combination of white and wood color looks so beautiful and perfect.


The bathroom use black and setting the perfect style. Homes apartments is supported also by the use of dual-flush toilets, low VOC paints, recycled tiles, reclaimed plumbing fixtures, and elegant wooden walls.

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