Elegant Black And White Design Ideas For Small Apartments

Designing small apartments interiors can be done in various ways, one of which is the use of black and white. The combination of black and white is a stunning color combination for your apartment. We will give you a brilliant idea that you are small-sized apartments will still look elegant and beautiful. Because the combination of black and white color not only be applied to the walls of my apartment, but also can be applied to the ceiling and floor.

There are interesting pictures of the small apartments in our gallery interiors with various ideas so that you get an inspiration for designing your apartment. Once you see these pictures, the first thing you see is a door that is so elegant and unique look black with a touch of yellow sticker funny. In addition to the design of the door is so amazing, you will be amazed with flower-patterned walls that still looks luxurious with a shiny black color and looks harmonious with black shoe storage boxes are placed near the wall.

Then there is a small hallway that connects the front of the house to the kitchen and dining room are placed side by side. In this section, the floor uses wood to make it look harmonious with black walls. Later, in the kitchen and the dining room is also equipped with furniture and equipment that is dominated by the color black. Because of the perfect combination, so the color looks very elegant kitchen design by using really simple.

Not only in the kitchen and dining room alone, a combination of black and white also continues on the design of the bedroom. The color black is used on bookshelves, tables, and chairs while the white color is applied on the couch and mirror frames and paintings. In addition there are, sleek black chairs and a beautiful chandelier above the bed which complements the design so that it becomes perfect.

The bathroom was designed using a combination of black and white, for example, on two circular mirrors placed in a combination of textured walls and other furniture. Are you ready to realize your dream to have an amazing apartment? Good luck!

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