Enchanting Contemporary Architecture House With Featuring Sleek Look

Contemporary architecture houses can we make sure this emphasis on practicality, we also can see that the architecture of this house was built with the perfect modern home design. The design architecture of this house has an exterior light that serves a selection of contemporary colors.

Architecture of this house have a cube interior design, has clean lines, and the white exterior floors. The main building material eskterior of this house using concrete materials. There are also glass windows are designed with a combination of simple and modern style. In addition, there is also a small garden wall between the garage and a red brick house.

Contemporary architectural design clearly visible on the display ini.Terdapat house style garage door grid with a contemporary interior. This house also has a balcony on the second floor that provides a relaxing space that is perfect for you. On the exterior there is also a small park located along the entrance of the house.

There is a swimming pool with a sleek design that is in the back yard. In the swimming pool you can spend time playing with friends. Architecture of this house has glass windows and glass fence that is applied as a barrier between the pool and backyard patio.

In addition, the architecture of this house also has a page with a timber deck outdoor casual dining space inside. A set of modern outdoor furniture that is used as a dining furniture also exists as a complement decor. On the second floor, this home has a large glass window installed along the walls.

The interior design of this house uses the concept of a contemporary exterior design. There is a neutral-colored sofa and modern chair in the living room. The living room is furnished with modern furniture and design using the stylish furniture.

On the floor looks perfect with polished wood floors and a gray carpet make the room become more luxurious and classy. Contemporary architectural design that can be perfect to be applied in your home with a modern minimalist concept, like the architecture of this house.

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