Fascinating Mini Sofa For Modern House

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A mini sofa can be placed in a room which has narrow space. For you who love simplicity and minimalist design, here we have the examples. Are you modern people who love simplicity? Are you modern people with hundreds of idea? Here we go we will give you all you need.


Look at the picture. In the first picture you can see a single sofa in grey color which is placed in the dining room. The floor has white color and the sofa is plain grey with pillows in ornamental plants pattern on it. Another minimalist Mini Sofa design can be seen in the next picture.

Do you have narrow space of living room? You have to try this one, then. There is a not-so-long sofa in dark grey color on the wooden floor. There is a modern table made from glass and under the table, the floor is covered by bright grey color. There are two paintings of mountains stick on the grey wall. This mini sofa can be very suitable furniture for your modern house.


White sofa is very identical with elegance. Even though the sofa has mini size, but the sofa looks very elegance when it is placed on the bright wooden floor and on the floor there is dark grey carp. The white sofa has a very simple design, there is no pattern on it therefore it could be a very wonderful idea to place furniture like this into your house.


Mini sofa can also be placed near the front door of the house like it is seen in the next picture. Near the wall, the single sofa is sitting accompanied by a very beautiful design of stand lamps in yellow lighting which makes the white mini sofa looks classic.

Mini sofa is suitable to be placed everywhere including bedroom. Having a sofa in a bedroom? Why not? You can have it absolutely because the sofa has a function to be a place for you to relax, to read books, or just play games with your phone. You can creatively design your sofa in geometrical pattern in yellow and green color combination. Mini sofa design ideas like this could be the best idea you have to be applied in your house.


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