Fitted Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

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Fitted bedroom ideas for small rooms - Some ideas so that your small bedroom look larger among which are use light-colored paint, using sleek furniture frame, low platform height, put in the corner of your bedroom, and using a wallpaper with horizontal pattern.

The following are some examples of fitted bedroom ideas for small rooms can be an inspiration for you.

Small room design idea

In the picture above. Foldable bed, one with closet. This can really save your room space.

Just because a room is small does not mean there can be like another room in your house. With limited space then it should be good at adjusting the position and use every part of the room. In the above design, we can look under the bed drawers are handy for storing goods or clothing. On the wall just above the bed there are shelves to store books.

Fitted Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Small bedroom should be planned carefully to maximize light and sense of space, without sacrificing storage because placing furniture in a small room can make the room cramped and dark.

Highly recommended to use light colored furniture, such as vanilla, and pink. In choosing light-colored furniture you can make more attractive by adding Gloss; as shown above: Wild Pear and Aubergine Gloss.

Small Bedroom Designs with Study Table in Your House

Small bedroom designs with study table in your house can be the nice spot to study or do the homework. You can make the design based on the position that you like. You can choose the corner of the room for it spot is fine. It is also fine to place it near the window.

Small Bedroom Designs with Study Table

If you choose to make a small bedroom designs with study table by placing the table near the window, it will be very nice. You can have outside view while study. Just open the window if you want the fresh air. You will feel very comfortable, thus your study or work time there will be very efficient.

Do not forget to make the entire room design nicely. Make it in harmony. You can apply the colour that you like for the wall. It will make you feel more comfortable to stay in your small bedroom with study table. You can also add some decoration and accessories that you like on the table.

The examples of it are photo frame, astray, table lamp and any other. It will make your study table looks very private. It is reflected your characteristic. Then it will be wonderful small bedroom designs with study table

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