Headboards For Beds Idea

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Headboards For Beds Idea - The double bedrooms needed now, when the spaces are shrinking, original decorative solutions that allow you to decorate the master bedroom using all holes but without compromising on style and trends. And to style one bedroom, plus textiles that dress according to the seasons, nothing more important than the headboard of the bed (headboard, bed headboard or support are some of the names that are known in different parts of the world).

We meet today to Modern Design Homes, the most original and decorative headboards. Some are classics, some modern. There are fun and quirky solutions. All have in common the exploitation of minors hollow:

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One of the classics are wooden or wrought iron headboards. We have always been at home, do not need too much space and can be found in every store models.

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Another resource is the usual hollow headboards, nightstands and drawers inlaid. Some have even added a shelf or shelf to put books, pictures or other objects. Make good use permit space. They are also classic and headboards covered in fabric or leather, and cushions made with hanging.

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With the technological revolution, the wall stickers with flowers, letters or drawings of any kind will not let you waste a single inch of ground to make your bed, and are inexpensive, easy to put on and also to change to renew your room with a single gesture.

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But they are not the only alternatives: you can recycle doors, windows, screens, wood was used, antique photo frames … and even rowing! with some skill to make a unique headboard. You can also “paint your silhouette, or if you are good at painting, make a picture on the wall as a head.

Headboards For Beds

To give it a more urban, vinyl can stick mirror, or put a Pop-style wallpaper, also use letters of different sizes and textures or whiteboard. The fact is that your headboard new life to your room. Or you thought you had seen everything already?


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