How to Choose Kitchen Worktop

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How to Choose Kitchen Worktop  - Under the table means the surface, which covers floor cabinets. In addition, it is serving the working plane to cook. In addition to its functional qualities, countertop and can have an attractive appearance. Thus, it is also a decorative element.

How to Choose Kitchen Worktop

For modern kitchens typical single countertop. The reason is clear: the smaller joints, the design appears more holistic cuisine. It is not excluded that the countertop can be integrated sink, deep fryer, hob or extractor.

The material of the table top is made, should have the following qualities. High strength, ability to withstand a variety of mechanical impact; Moisture resistance; Can be used even aggressive detergents, ease of cleaning.

Of course, the material must countertops in harmony with the overall design of the kitchen. For example, a wooden table top will look organic only if the kitchen is made in a classic style or country style.

Wood countertops are good because they are made from environmentally friendly materials. The tree is the best creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. On the other hand, a wooden countertop needs regular treatment with oil or varnish – otherwise provide moisture resistance of the material will not work. In addition, in relation to such worktops can not use aggressive cleaning agents: a tree does not tolerate them. Finally, the tree has a lot of small cuts and cracks, which can be got germs.

Alternative tree is stainless steel. Table top of it has a maximum water resistance and durability. Care for these tops is easy – if necessary even fashionable to use strong detergents. They are not afraid of high temperature, as well as mechanical stress.

However, and there are disadvantages. First of all, the material is cold, its shape can only be rectangular. Metal, in addition, over time lose its luster. It constantly fingerprints – so it looks is not always attractive. Finally, the stainless steel worktop – rather expensive, not everyone can afford.

Another type tops – lined with ceramic tiles. In general, a practical option, but also has some serious drawbacks: tiles can provide flatness, seams create difficulties in the care, the complexity of the installation.

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