Quick Ideas Applying Children’s bedroom colors

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Quick Ideas Applying Children’s bedroom colors - The bedroom is very important for children, because the parents in designing a child's room should be possible to choose a color because it is very important because it can affect the child psychologist and also his mood. Although sometimes we parents are very confused by the choice of colors available and very interesting

To be able to express their imagination and personality of the child is determined also by his bed room, with the right color and creativity to the child's bedroom wall will make the child feel comfortable and also can feel the warm atmosphere of the room so sometimes a wonderful dream. What we should know for the children of parents tend to be very interested with bright color compared with pastel colors.

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Color and interior

For a child's room as parents we have to be more careful in choosing colors. Especially the bedroom playroom study room and also the bathroom where children spend more time in these spaces. But for the other rooms are not very influential as a living room, dining room and family room. Therefore, we as parents are encouraged to give bright colors for the children in order to stimulate creativity, encourage, strengthen the power of imagination, influence the aesthetic sense and also strengthen the child's motor stimuli that can give a positive reaction as well as pink, blue or red. But for the color brown, black or gray child tends to react negatively because the color is dark.

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Universal Color Effect

Red color

Signifies the dynamic, vibrant, active, strong, aggressive but warm red colors can create an impression of emotions, bubbling, wrath, depressed. If you want to use the recommended color is used for children over the age of one year.

Purple color

Could allow the child to be quite remarkable in the face of something never in doubt and certainly the best color is very good for a child's room.

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Blue color

The blue color has some kind of different characters, such as the blue sky is usually very relaxed with life and also very fond of pleasure while the navy blue sky (at night) indicates the serious and conservative.


Yellow color

Yellow signifies always wanted to be the center of attention and is very subdued colors are also very attractive, sporty and also personally reply hyperactivity.

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Orange color

Can be made ​​private, open, fun and dynamic serve as a friend, but the natural color is very flamboyant and not boring to look different.

White color

Colors tend to indicate closed so it is difficult to find a friend to talk to, but the color is very good for his friends listener.

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Green color

Signify love of nature so as to keep the surrounding environment.

Pink color

This color is identical with girls with feminine character.

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