Simple Guide to Build Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Set

Simple Guide to Build Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Set - The existence of minimalist kitchen cabinets has become a must for every modern kitchen. Kitchen cabinets or cabinet is often called an important role in storing the furniture and furnishings cook meals that are not being used. In addition to being well-organized, the presence of kitchen cabinets also protects the furniture from dirt.

Minimalist kitchen cabinets are usually made ​​up of two parts, namely at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets on the top, also called hanging kitchen cabinets. Before making kitchen cabinets, either makes your own or with the help of joiners, there are a few things to note.

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Here is a simple guide to build a minimalist kitchen cabinet:

1. Calculate the area of ​​the kitchen

This is a basic thing to do first. Compute the kitchen area and make kitchen cabinets in accordance with the kitchen area. Especially for hanging kitchen cabinets, make sure the height of the cabinet does not interfere with your cooking activity. If it is too high it may be hard to reach. In contrast, hanging kitchen cabinets that are too low will disrupt our views and activities below.

2. Selection of Materials

After knowing the exact size of the kitchen cabinets to be made, the next step is the selection of material. Minimalist kitchen cabinets are usually made ​​of wood, aluminum, glass, or a combination of these materials. The kitchen cabinets are made ​​of solid wood usually has great strength and durability. In contrast, aluminum kitchen cabinet is less strong in holding a heavy burden, especially for hanging kitchen cabinets. Aluminum is also relatively easy to dent when experiencing conflict.

Make sure the wood used is high quality solid wood such as teak, mahogany, etc... Avoid the use of wood or artificial board made ​​of sawdust in the pres. This type of wood is very fragile and not durable water. In addition, the board also made ​​it easily bent when receiving a load in the long term.

For glass material, this material typically used in door closers of cabinet so the inside of the cabinet is easy to see without have to open it.

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3. Create a partition in a closet in a variety of sizes

There are many types of items to be stored in your minimalist kitchen cabinet. Some goods such as pots require a large space. But there are much other small furniture such as cups, spoons, plates and knives. It’s would be redundant if you put the small thing in the large cabinet.

Therefore need to be made vertical or horizontal partition to divide the space in a kitchen cupboard partitions smaller. Can also use flexible partition commonly used on cabinets knockdown (disassembly). To divide the space in a kitchen cabinet, the cabinet will be able to accommodate more furniture, as well as being more presentable.

4. Should be easy to clean

The kitchen cabinets are very easy to get dirty, especially dirty from cooking oil fumes. If smoke is attached to the cabinet, cupboard surfaces over time will become sticky and yellowed. Therefore, make sure your minimalist kitchen cabinet surface is easy to clean.

You do this by painting the surface of the cabinet with a shiny paint, or by being given an additional layer of synthetic material. You can also coat the kitchen cabinets with shiny material of metal or glass to give the impression of luxury and modern.

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5. Add lighting under hanging kitchen cabinets

Areas under the hanging kitchen cabinets are the areas where we are doing activities such as kitchen cutting vegetables, making cookie dough, etc... The addition of lights at the bottom of the hanging kitchen cabinets will make the area under it into the light, so that we can work more comfortably. The addition of lights can also beautify the kitchen to look fancy. There are many types of lights that can be used as LED lights, fluorescent lights, or lights with low wattage bulb.

Kitchen Set Minimalist

Kitchen set minimalist is a popular kitchen set design that most people want to have in their home these days. The minimalist concept design that this kitchen set has is very suitable for our needs. We are not going to be having any hard things in our busy kitchen with it.

To make this kitchen set minimalist design in our home, we need to find the most suitable design for us. There are many unique and creative kitchen designs that we could choose according to our taste. Suitable kitchen design that we should have is the matching one with our interior.

After that we should measure our kitchen space in order to make sure that the kitchen set minimalist design is fit perfectly. From the precise measurement result on our kitchen, we will easily make the layout. Besides that we could calculate the furniture and decorations that we use. You can also read about Beautiful kitchen designs with corner windows.

We could also consult to some interior designers about the minimalist design that we want to have in our kitchen. They are going to help us determine the most proper layout for our kitchen design nowadays. And the result is great kitchen set minimalist design that suits perfectly.


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