The Main Elements of Kitchen

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When you have decided on the layout of the kitchen, there are many questions: what I want interior, furniture and appliances which filled the kitchen, what colors to choose, what elements of decor would be appropriate for my kitchen? In this paper, we consider the main elements of a kitchen: furniture and built-in appliances, lighting, colors, and decorative objects.

Elements of Kitchen

Kitchen Furniture

To begin let’s deal with furniture. Kitchen furniture has long been traditional components such as base units, wall units, vertical cabinets, table and chairs.

Base cabinets, it is best to distribute in a single line, and order them to cast the countertop to avoid gaps at the joints. Base cabinets – cabinets are workers, equipped with drawers that are used for household objects and built-in appliances. Such cases – a godsend for small kitchen.

The top and vertical cabinets distributed depending on the layout of the kitchen, so as not to disturb the ergonomics. They will be stored: dishes, grocery products, infrequently used items. Dimensions of kitchen furniture must meet the robot types and growth mistress.

Countertop must be sturdy, preferably cast with waterproof laminated. For the manufacture of countertops use natural and artificial stones (granite, marble, etc.).

Front – the front of the kitchen, it shapes the style. Facade use chipboard and MDF. Chipboard – often used material, over which is superimposed layer of veneer or plastic. MDF moisture resistant, does not contain harmful substances, are covered from top film, paint or enamel and varnished. Can be matte or glossy facades of MDF. Popular now facing kitchen framed facades of different materials. Also, it can be glazed facade of a modern, high-strength glass. Cabinet doors may be sliding, folding and folding.

Color of the kitchen

Color of the kitchen should not be too bright and expressive, a kitchen quickly get bored. In the colors you want to use no more than two or three colors.


The lighting in the kitchen can affect the atmosphere of the room. Need to choose a kitchen lighting scheme that the light was steady and did not cause harsh shadows and gradients. Lighting in the kitchen should be arranged so that the times of the day, they provide comfort. If during the day, you will enjoy natural light, then you can add it by selecting a light wallpaper for the kitchen. Light falling on a light surface, enhance natural light.

Multifunctional kitchen, will help create a Built-in appliances, such as hob, oven, dishwasher and other. Its optimal location will save space in the kitchen and the efforts of the hostess. Under the cooktop can be installed dishwasher, but the oven, if possible, set at eye level. Small appliances such as a microwave, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, can be distributed on the table (if space permits). Household appliances for everyday use, it is best to lay down in the bottom cabinet.

Decor for kitchens

The cozy interior of the kitchen will help to create decorative objects. These include curtains, napkins, tablecloths, pepper, salt shakers, vases, plates, salad bowls, clocks, paintings, etc.


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