Trends of Modern Window Fashions

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Trends of Modern Window Fashions  - Actively developing the window industry. High popularity of plastic windows, which held in US market for over 10 years slowly losing its relevance.

People are starting to think more about their health, so choosing windows tend to sustainability. It should be noted that the windows in American are mainly used for industrial premises. And for housing Americanans use wood and aluminum designs for windows.


Trends of Modern Window Fashions


Often happens when people built magnificent country houses using the only environmentally friendly materials, but found a plastic box. And those customers who choose wood windows, explain his decision is for several reasons:

  1. The tree holds heat better (compared to plastic, it has a higher density);
  2. Wooden frames are considered more environmentally friendly, as they say, they “breathe”;
  3. Wood windows in modern conditions are considered a luxury item;
  4. Strange as it may sound, but many clients simply love the smell of wood.

In the Russian market of a huge number of windows, but almost all of them are specialized in the production of plastic windows. Those who manufactures quality wooden windows, you can count on the fingers.

Today, wooden windows are beginning to conquer the market of property located within the city limits, although it is generally thought to be performed on objects of low-rise building and is considered an attribute of life in the country.

A wooden box was a real trend of the market to meet all customer requirements, including requirements for this versatility, aesthetic beauty, not long production period and the variety of products.

It should also mention the advantages of windows made of wood.

  • First, if properly exploited, they will serve for a long time, up to a century.
  • Secondly, they are fairly easy to repair (while the windows can not be repaired) in the case of mechanical damage.
  • Third, you can easily change their appearance by dyeing.
  • Fourth, each product can give a unique throughout the facility because of their individuality.

Another actual direction of the steel market window “antique”. Among the major developers as demand for wood windows, which give preference to environmentally friendly materials.

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