Wonderful And Stylish Office Design by Hofman Dujardin Architects

Once again we find a wonderful and stylish office design with attractive appearance that is both comfortable for your workplace. Wonderful and stylish office design is Barents Krants project in The Hague. Office designs is the result of collaboration of the Barents Krants and company Hofman Dujardin Architects Amsterdam. It looks modern office designs, gorgeous, stunning, and powerful. Let’s look wonderful and stylish office design by Hofman Dujardin Architects!

Office interior design is designed by using attractive and stunning décor with high ceilings. Warm and natural look to the office design is evident with the application of wood flooring, furniture, ceiling and walls. There is also a green tree in the middle of office design that gives a fresh look and natural. The lighting system in the office is also very interesting design by applying a small light in every corner of the office. There is also a high glass windows that are applied to replace the walls and natural lighting for office.

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Office design also has a living room equipped with sofa modern use. More perfect living room by giving a warm welcome to the guests and clients. There is a staircase that connects the ground floor to the top floor with an elegant appearance. The presence of a beautiful staircase with railings also aims to expose the interior appearance to make it look elegant and perfect.

There is a break room for employees such as kitchen and dining room are decorated with wooden furniture use to provide a comfortable place. Office design by Hofman Dujardin Architects also has meeting rooms and atrium. All of this is really beautiful and stylish design for Hofman Dujardin Architects by the office. What do you think now, if you have a dream to make it in your home?

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