Wooden Glass Door and Its Models

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Wooden glass door is used quite common now. Why it is used widely? It is because you can have many designs of it. It has so many variations that are able to avoid your boredom. Since it has thousand variations, it has less possibility for you to have the same door with any other people, especially in your area.

The variation of wooden glass door can be in its design. For example, the glass is only the accent of the door. The wood dominates the door and only left small space for the glass. This kind of door usually can be seen in the modern home design. They love simplicity with small accent.

The other example is the glass dominating in the door. This is usually being used in the living room which has a good view. This kind wooden glass door will give you a good and wide outdoor view. In this kind of door, the wood is only become the frame of the glass.

Wooden Glass Door and Its Models 3 Wooden Glass Door and Its Models 4 Wooden Glass Door and Its Models 1

You can also half glass wooden door. Of course the glass is in the upper side. Usually the user of this kind of door uses the curtain to cover the glass area. It is also very useful to see anything outside the room. I hope that explanation can be your reference before you buy the wooden glass door.

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